StudioSinth for Stilnest (Germany) .

Stilnest is a jewelry retailer based in Berlin.  As a publisher for design objects operating on an international level, Stilnest builds upon the fortes of 3D printing. The Pith collection, designed by StudioSInth is a good example of a powerful collaboration between brands !

If you would like to work together and develop a design series , please contact us !

But for now, please enjoy these beautiful pictures and start shopping !


No-nonsense vibe of creativity!“

The designs are created like their design process: spontaneously. It works like nonsense magic. Every special moment is captured and during the process the memories will appear. Pith is a beautiful, feminine collection. It´s the outcome of special moments transferred into gentle and organic designs. Every piece with it´s playful and spirited shape is a captured magic moment of which you can just assume by what it was inspired.